Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Year Later

So here I am a year later living in a different state with many changes along the way.  It was a good move although everything is different.  Mostly different in a good way.  Instead of music being my son's passion now it is running.  I must admit I am a little sad his trombone doesn't see the light of day anymore.  But running is good exercise, builds muscle, challenges him as a person.  

I spent most of my summer working at a winery.  Which made me learn more about my love of wine.  

Now most days are spent trying to inspire young children to read.  Along with listening to teenage boys tell me all sorts of things.  Which brings me to the passion on my heart to have a home close to my son's school so these teenage boys can have a place of refuge.  Their home lives are so complicated.  We seemed to find the perfect home although money seems to get in the way. Unfortunately with all of our financial loss the past 6 years we can not make a downpayment. So next question was what to do.  Of course ask family to help.  Okay so that doesn't work when family is not willing to help.  So now what?  That is the question of the week.  Frustration sets in; especially when the rental where we reside is giving us headaches, etc.  

Now what? Pray without ceasing!   

Friday, November 15, 2013

Teenage Disappointment

When children are young we always seem to think it will be easier when they become old enough to have a little independence.  The time when we don't have to do everything for them.  So in my house we have hit the teenage years.  Sure some things are easier; my son can make chicken nuggets and fries using the oven by himself, he can take the dog out, he knows how to sort clothes for laundry day, and he is almost old enough to start driving.  

When my son was a toddler I didn't think there would be a day that I would find difficulty in knowing how to fix his disappointments.  For most of the early teen years I have been able to offer words of wisdom and provide comfort.  Today was a time that all I could do was cry with him and ask the same questions.  

Sure looking at the "big picture" of life this disappointment will be small but right now it's the here and now.  So a month ago my son was chosen to audition for middle school state honors band.  Hundreds of young musicians audition. The audition went well; he performed extremely well.  A fellow classmate had also auditioned.  The fellow classmate did not sound as good as my son.  But today we found out that the fellow classmate made the honors band.  It breaks my heart to see my son's disappointment.  What makes the scenario such a huge disappointment is the fact that my son is a better musician and also the fact that the fellow classmate tends to put my son down.  

All I could do was reinforce the fact to my son that he really is a good musician.  Plus tell him that it doesn't matter if he would be the worst musician; I would still love him.